Editor.php _ssp_filter bug

Editor.php _ssp_filter bug

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Hello Devs! Thanks for great framework. Perfect to quickly expose database tables via UI.

In couple of days playing around with it, I have encountered couple server side php bugs in the trial package: Editor-1.3.1-trial.zip

Here is one of them:
When searching globally or column for 0 (Zero integer), search is ignored as following conditions in Editor.php _ssp_filter function will ignore 0

line 847: if ( $http['search']['value'] ) {
line 865: if ( $search && $column['searchable'] == 'true' ) {

my fix:
line 847: if ( strlen($http['search']['value']) ) {
line 865: if ( strlen($search) && $column['searchable'] == 'true' ) {

Hope this helps,


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    Hi Alex,

    Nice one - thanks! I'll make sure this fix is in the next release!


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