editable datable

editable datable

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I must do a datable like google alert.
Each row of the datatable is a database record.
You can add, update and remove a line.
For add a row, the end line must be focused and in just this row is enabled in the form.A button add must be present just under the line and all the line will be added.
There is a similat concept for updating


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    Sounds like quite an interesting use of DataTables. There isn't really a demo showing this at the moment, although there are demos which show the individual consepts that you are looking for:

    Editable cells: http://datatables.net/examples/example_editable.html
    Add new row: http://datatables.net/examples/example_add_row.html

    Combining them and some of the techniques shown in the other demos should get you started :-)

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    if you are doing this in Asp.Net I have a full tutorial on how to do all of this:
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