The data table can't be reloaded.

The data table can't be reloaded.

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I'm trying this datatable.ajax.reload() function. But I tried several different ways, can't get it working. The initial load of the table is fine. But after 5 sec the interval, in the firebug console, I can see the http GET successfully get the data back from the server every 5 secs. However, in the web page, the data table doesn't re-draw. Just showing a msg saying "Processing...". Any idea what I did wrong?

PS: I just did the datatables debugger, code is, "unoqap". and the version of DataTables I use is 1.10.0.

Thank you very much!

table holder

<table id="dataTable" class="display" width="80%">
    < thead>
    < tr>
        < th align="center" width="15%">Name</th>
        < th align="right"></th>
        < th align="left">Address</th>
    </ tr>
    </ thead>
</ table>

init table:

dataTable = $('#dataTable').DataTable({
        "bFilter": false,
        "bInfo": false,
        "paging": false,
        "ordering": false,
        "processing": true,
        "serverSide": true,
        "ajax": {
            "url": "relative url to local server resources"               
        "initComplete": function() {
            setInterval(function() {
            }, 5000);


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    I found the problem. It's on the server side. My bad. I always give a "draw: 1" in the server response. After I remove "draw" parameter, everything is fine.

    Thank you very much for the great data table lib!!

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