New API plug-ins and server-side processing scripts

New API plug-ins and server-side processing scripts

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Hello all,

I've done a little work recently implementing plug-in API functions which have been asked about in the forums recently, and will hopefully prove to be useful for some of you when using DataTables:

fnGetNextTr - get the next or previous TR element based on a given one, taking account of filtering, sorting and paging -

fnSortNeutral - restore the sorting order as it was read in from the data source -

fnFilterClear - clear all filters (global and column specific) -

fnGetTd - get a TD element, abstracting out the difficulties of dealing with paging and hidden columns -

This brings the total of API plug-ins to 23, providing a wealth of easy to use, enhanced interactions with DataTables. 12 of them have been contributed - thank you :-)

Furthermore, there are two new server-side processing scripts:

ASP.NET from LionHeart -

ASP Classic from diondu -

Thank you to everyone for your contributions to the DataTables community - it's a pleasure to have such a great community building up around DataTables!

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