Generating column properties

Generating column properties

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First, thnaks a lot for this great plugin.

I have a dumb question, Is it possible to generate some properties on the columns (like ALT and TITLE to create a tooltip) when dynamically creating the datatable.

I'm doing something like this :

"bFilter": false,

And I have result.metadata generated server-side being something like this :
{'sTitle': label, "sClass": "center", "sType": "numeric"}

I'd like to add a description :
{'sTitle': label, 'sOPTION???': 'title='+description, "sClass": "center", "sType": "numeric"}



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    Hi tchule,

    There are a number of ways to do what you are looking for, but in this case, probably the best way is to use fnInitComplete ( ) to parse through the list of nodes which are created by DataTables for your table display (oSettings.aoData[x].nTr) and modify them.

    Hope this helps,
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    Hello Allan,

    Thanks a lot for the tip. I've managed to make it work like I wanted.

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