Header cell re-size - ColReorderWithResize plugin

Header cell re-size - ColReorderWithResize plugin

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have a table that displays the data perfectly, but when I want to re-size the column width I click on the border/edge of the cell and it just expands the cell to random (i guess its random) width.

Also, when trying to change the width back to the original size, using mouse drag, it doesn't allow the width change to original size but instead I must re-size the other cells to get the 1st cell original width.

Is there a way to prevent the auto re-size on click but to keep the functionality to work when dragging the mouse?

Also the "plugin" used for the resize is:


Thank you

Note: - autowdith is set to false

bAutoWidth: false
and initial width values are set with

aoColumns: [{'sWidth': 20% }]

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