Column Repositioning

Column Repositioning

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I want to implement column repositioning feature. For that I want to write a function which takes two intgers as parameter and thus can switch the positions of these columns.

Is it possible? If yes, Please provide guidelines to do the same.


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    This isn't possible (at least in a trivial manner) at the moment. I have been experimenting with a plug-in which will allow exactly this, but it gets quite complicated when considering hidden columns etc. I've had to stop working on that plug-in for the time being due to time pressures but I hope to get back to it soon as it could be most useful.

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    After writing in this forum, I have almost implemented the same using the plugin you are developing. Problem associated with hidden column is resolved by using a diffrent approach to hide column i.e. by adding display:none to css of td and th of hidden column insted of removing them from DOM. Its working fine for the tests I have performed by now.

    I may be wrong some where. Please bring to my notice if it is so.
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    Yup - using display:none is certainly a valid option. The reason I didn't do it that way is because DataTables does remove the elements from the DOM and I didn't particularly want to change that just for a single plug-in. I just need to sit down sometime and think about the logic for the hidden columns...

    Good to hear you got it working for your use case!

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