Filtering with ">" or "<"

Filtering with ">" or "<"

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I would like for certain of the columns (numeric ones) of my DataTables to have the following behavior when being filtered :
- "1" (or any other numeric value => only the result stricly equal to the value are being shown
- "> 2" => only the value stricly greater than 2 are being shown
- "<= 200" => only the value lower than 200 are being shown

Any idea on where to start or if it already exist ?

Thanks for your help


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    There isn't one which does exactly this, but you can use one of the examples as a starting point: . It just needs to filtering plug-in code to be expanded to cope with your various inputs.

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    Hi Allan,

    I already tried a mix of this previous example but without success.
    I still think that I am not the only one interested by this trick ;) Any other ideas ??

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