Process shown when Datatables is build

Process shown when Datatables is build

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Hi Allan,

Here I am again ;-).

I'm a bit further with my online explorer, can be found on , I added contexmenu with alert and many more, but I have a questions about the usage of DataTables.

As you can see on my site the table has a process DIV when the DataTables are loaded, but as you may also can see it stops sooner then that the DataTable is finished processing the header and the sorting. I have two questions about it:

1) Am I using your software on the right way
(I now completely rebuild my right part of the pages each time the user clicks once on the plus image or double clicks on the folder, or clicks once on the folder in the right part of the screen
$.post('include/files.php',{folder: folder}, function onSelect(data){
// Reload data on page without pagerefresh

2) How can I add a process DIV to DataTables which hides when the whole DataTables is ready

Hope you have time for this question.

Tnx in advance




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    Hi Wim,

    Looking good!

    1. Yes - that looks like a reasonable approach to take for this application.

    2. DataTables has it's own built in processing display, which you can use by enabling bProcessing are init time, but perhaps the best way of doing it here would be to use your current processing element ("processing_right") and hide that when DataTables completes it's processing (rather than at the end of the XHR, which I presume is what is happening at the moment). You could use fnInitComplete() ( ) to do this - it fires when DataTables finishes it's initialisation.

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi Allan,

    Tnx for the tip. It helped. I didn't uploaded it to the server yet, but it is perfect on my local machine!!!!!

    I shouldn't know what I could do without your tool.

    Is it maybe possible that you make a kind of page on your where users can upload screenshots so other users can see how your software is being used? This is also good for you :-)

    Have a nice weekend


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    I think that is a superb idea. I've added it to my to-do list, will probably be done sometime after 1.5 is released - I'm stalled on getting the time to finish the unit tests at the moment. But I think that will be a very nice addition - good idea :-).

    I'll add a forum thread for that kind of thing just now to get the ball rolling.

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