Column quantity limit on IE7

Column quantity limit on IE7

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I'm working with datatables 1.6.2 to deploy a server-side data table with 47 columns, but I found that the datatable don't handles more than 27 columns when i try to load the page on Internet Explorer 7.
If I set 28 or more columns on the initialization, the request is not even sent to server, but if I delete a column (any column) from the initialization and let it on 27 or less columns, the request is sent to server correctly.

On Firefox, the table is fully deployed correctly with all the columns that I need, so, the problem is only on IE.


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    There isn't anything in DataTables which would limit this artificially - so off the top of my head I'm not sure what would cause this. Possibly a 'GET' limit? If you try 'POST' instead ( ) does that help?

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    Thanks Allan, your assumption is correct. Just hit the same error - large column count, server side datatable, works in firefox, chrome, fails in i.e.

    fixed by implementing suggested POST type.

    Craig Lotter
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