Editor inline onBlur posting and datepicker

Editor inline onBlur posting and datepicker

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Hello All

I've a problem with such configuration: editor configured for inline editing with onBlur posting. Unfortunately when using datepicker and changing month by clicking arrows, blur event is fired on input, post is being sent and datepicker signals error "Missing instance data for this datepicker" which is perfectly ok since input has just been destroyed. Do you have any ideas how to deal with such issue?

Any help will be appreciated
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    To confirm - the input field is loosing focus with focus moving to the input calendar. Is that correct?

    Unfortunately, due to the way the jQuery UI date picker works (assuming you are using the jQuery UI date picker) the then focused element isn't event within the field. I had been wondering if I could check to see if the focus was in the form or not, but that might not work in this case.

    I'll try to look into it more, but it could be that the jQuery UI date picket just isn't compatible with submitOnBlur.


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