KeyTable event cache vs jQuery bind & trigger

KeyTable event cache vs jQuery bind & trigger

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I was a little surprised to see KeyTable has some alternative event binding scheme; I'd hoped to change some lines that look like

[code]$('').live('click', fnFoo)[/code]


[code]$('').live('click action', fnFoo)[/code]

and be on my merry way. And I see that I *could* add a keytable event handler with something like

keys.event.action(null, null, function (nCell) {

to get that behaviour, but I was wondering why you had the plugin keep its own event cache instead.

I guess if you did want to address cells by row/column index, you probably can't do that very easily with the core jQuery selectors.


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    Hi keturn,

    To be perfectly honest, the main reason that it is not done that way is that I didn't know about custom events in jQuery :-). I'd fully agree that this is something that should be looked at for the next major revision of KeyTable! Thanks for bringing it up!

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