Export images in PDF

Export images in PDF

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i have a table with a image column but when i export it to PDF the image column is showed but no image is added.
My question is how can i add the associated image in each row? Is there a way to do it? I've searched the forum but i couldn't find any related issue.

Thanks in advance

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    Currently no - this is not possible. Sorry. It would require modification of the TableTools swf, which you are or course welcome to do as it is open source, but when I last tried to use images in the exported PDF I found the AlicePDF API to be quite difficult to use.


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    You can try the "pdfonline" software to convert your images to pdf format! Because is found this software very useful! But I also liked this one for the ease of use: Really makes it easy to convert images to PDF. No need to download the software just simply covert online images to pdf

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