Request for testing 1.10.8 and release updates

Request for testing 1.10.8 and release updates

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Hello all,

Its been a little while since my last general project update, so I thought I'd post a little bit of information here before the next major update.

Firstly, 1.10.8 will be released in the first week of August. I would encourage you to try it out the current nightly version (JS / CSS) in your apps / pages, and let me know of any issues you find so they can be addressed before the 1.10.8 release.

Next, I've been saying for about a month and a half now that the next major release of Editor (1.5) and various other supporting plug-ins is only 2 weeks away... This time it is true, alongside the DataTables 1.10.8 release I'll be introducing a number of other releases such as Editor 1.5, new version of AutoFill and KeyTable along with new extensions (Buttons, Select and RowReorder).

I'm extremely excited about these releases, can almost can't wait to get them out to you, but software without good examples and documentation is useless. It is this aspect, and the infrastructure for the software that has taken a bit longer than expected. To those who have read my previous posts about "ready in two weeks" my apologies. It will be worth the wait!

Once the releases are complete I'll be blogging in detail about the new features that are being introduced.



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    Great! Congrats and thanks for this wonderful work!

    Please dont forget about TableTools.


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    Great :)

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    What are your plans with TableTools since Flash is being removed from the browsers?

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    A new Buttons ( plugin will replace TableTools with HTML5 support.

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    Have not had a chance to try out RowReorder, but I will let you know once I get some free time and I get to mess around with it.

    I'll definitely take a look at the latest test build and let you know if I run into any issues.

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    Hi all,

    Yes, the download builder will be part of this release. And also Buttons will feature HTML5 file creation for IE10+ and all evergreen browsers. Hurrah!

    The release will now be made this coming week :-)


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    Thanks a lot Allan!!!!!!


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    Just published an article jQuery DataTables – Row reordering about older Row Reordering plug-in without realizing that there is RowReorder plug-in exists. I may need to add a disclaimer to use newer plug-in instead once it is released since it seems that RowReorder plugin requires 1.10.8.

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    Yes, it requires 1.10.8 or newer.


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