Custom field type can't be reganized

Custom field type can't be reganized

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Hi all.

I try to make a customized form in Editor by clicking a button "Trend". Generally I was following the Datatable Editor manual. However Chrome gives exception like "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'create' of undefined".

By debugging I found the Editor object don't know my own type at all, though the type declaration indeed has got executed already.

I shared my code in DataTables Live:,css,js

I appreciate any suggestions you guys made to me.

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    Possibly you might be using Editor 1.4? If so, replace:

    var _fieldTypes = DataTable.ext.editorFields;


    var _fieldTypes = Editor ?
        Editor.fieldTypes :

    Attaching to the DataTable.ext object is a feature of Editor 1.5. i'm going to update the plug-ins presented on the Editor site to include the above.


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    Thank you Allan. I upgrade to v1.5 and now it is all okay.

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