What PHP Libraries are available for Editor?

What PHP Libraries are available for Editor?

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I was wondering what other PHP libraries are out there that are used for the DT Editor version?

I know it comes with a PHP Library, but im sure theres some other ones out there that work better with Frameworks. Like Ive seen some for CI that work with the Open Source version of DataTables.

Im going to move to Laravel soon, and ill be using Angular and purchasing DataTables Edit, so I was curious what others use as a solution, or do you just use the PHP that comes with it?

How well maintained is the PHP Library?


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    I use original DT Editor PHP Library because of it is well documented and have good support. I met one alternative, but I can't found any documentation with it.

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    This is the only alternative that I'm aware of at the moment.

    edit I should note that it isn't supported by myself though since it is third party code. Also, given that Laravel is PHP I don't see any reason why the existing PHP libraries couldn't be used alongside the Laravel code.


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