Internatialisation item missing for '{0} row(s) selected'?

Internatialisation item missing for '{0} row(s) selected'?

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I am using datatables and editor and I got all functionality I needed implemented. That's good.
Currently we are applying internationalisation to our website. For we are applying the list with translations that is in your examples. It seems that there is one item missing: '{0} row selected' stays in English while everything else gets translated.

I checked the databables code (datatables.min.js) and this part seems to be dealing with that string:

class="select-item"/>').append(a.i18n("select."+c+"s",{_:"%d "+c+"s selected","0":"",1:"1 "+c+" selected"},d)))};

How do I include this string in the language item list (option language: etc.?

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