Handle many KeyTable on one page

Handle many KeyTable on one page

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Hi Allan,

Your plugin is really great.
I am trying to make a user interface like this :

There are 4 rows,(a table), I can switch from one to another using left and right arrows, it works great.

Then, when pressing ENTER button, it open a new table (in fact, a dic with visibility hidden), and I'd like to select another row, and then, another time the same thing.

It works, but the tables events seems to enter in conflict, and after playing a little time, I have many selected rows at a same time...

So, what I'd like to do, is to handle many keytable on the same page, and how to remove events perhaps ?

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english if you didn't undestand everything, I can try to explain again, but I'm French.




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    I had a problem with the keystrokes conflicting, until I made two keytable objects that specified both the table objects and the table IDs, like this:
    keys_1= new KeyTable( {
    "table": document.getElementById('table_1'),
    "datatable": table1
    } );

    keys_2= new KeyTable( {
    "table": document.getElementById('table_2'),
    "datatable": table2
    } );
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