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Im Lookgin for a "Sessioning" Feature in Datatables, but afai-can see i doesn't exists.

With "sessioning" i mean the following:

You have a Button called "Start Editing" (or whatever) and if u hit the button u get into "Sessioned" Edit mode.

All changes you make are then only on the PHP-Session rather the DB directly.
Only if u hit "Apply" it will be written to db.
If you hit "Discarge all changes" nothing is applyed to the DB and we go back to view only mode(with the old data).
Mostlikely this feature should be implementet on PHP Level using Session (or something like Zend Cache?).

Any plans / chance to get this in datatables ?



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    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for the suggestion. A grouped submission of data like this is not something that Editor currently supports. It is something that might be added in future, but there are a few issues such as how to handle fields which have their values defined by the server-side.


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