DataTables + jEditAble - Post from table to server! $100 Donation for AJ

DataTables + jEditAble - Post from table to server! $100 Donation for AJ

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The demo that combines datatables.js with jEditAble.js at is not ready for prime time.

As a database developer, I think this union is fantastic. I'll make a $100 donation to both jEditAble and Datatables if we can get a professional implementation of these two features.

I created a demo

which uses the ID tag in the TD element to identify field name and primary key. It's working partially. The problem is identified by allan here:

My javascript/jquery skill are somewhat limited. So help me get this right and support two great Plug In developers while contributing to a new solution.


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    I am working with the combination too and I think I can help you in a couple of days.

    I guess I have a working demo on Monday.
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    Well there is an offer I can't refuse ;-)

    I've updated my jEditable example to make use of the 'callback' parameter that jEditable (which you are quite right is an awesome plug-in for jQuery) to update DataTables when the Ajax call completes. Check it out here:

    My server-side script doesn't do very much, it simply appends '(server updated') to the string and returns (in order to indicate that something has happened on the server. Once done, all the filtering etc that DataTable provides works as expected.

    Let me know how that fits for you.

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    I wrote a couple tutorials on how to do exactly this, only using inplace.js (almost the same as jeditable): - this builds on this tutorial:

    It is using, but the javascipt is backend indifferent.
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