Issue with fixed right column and text input

Issue with fixed right column and text input

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When using fixed right columns along with input fields, there are two functions that do not work as expected.

1) Double click should highlight the contents of the input field. Currently it causes loss of focus.

2) Click and drag to select text inside the input field should highlight the selected text. Currently it causes loss of focus.

3) Sequential single clicks should perform the following: first click focus on the input and place cursor where user clicks, second click highlight the word where the user clicks, third click highlight all text. Currently it causes loss of focus.

Because of this, the only way the user can erase the contents of an input box is to click on it then use the arrow keys and delete key to remove the text.

I have provided an example in jsfiddle.

Please perform various click and select tasks on the left most column, then try the same on the right most column and you will see the issue.


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    This commit (which is now available in the nightly) helps a bit, but doesn't fully fix the issue.

    You can double click, but it won't select the text for some reason. Nor will click and drag. I'll need to find some time to figure out what that is happening, however, I would say that generally speaking I would very much recommend against using input elements in a fixed column due to the recloning behaviour. For example change a price and then sort the table - you'll see your value gets reset. That happens because the fixed column has been recloned on the draw. That is a behaviour that is not likely to change in the near future I'm afraid.


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    Thanks, we worked around the recloning issue with some enhancements. We are using Backbone so we can bind data to multiple tags on the page and keep them synchronized. We also save data to server on blur of the input. I'd love to tell the customer we can't put the input box on the fixed right column but it's their requirement that it always be visible and on the right side.

    I will try the new build and that should hold us over for a while.

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