fnDestroy call fnServerData

fnDestroy call fnServerData

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I think this behavior should be reviewd.

The fnDestroy() method calls fnSetColumnVis().
This is undestandable.

fnSetColumnVis() calls _fnDraw() - that calls fnServerData().
This is also undestandable.

But, I think there should have some kind of flag/attribute that says that the fnSetColumnVis() call is to destroy the component. I don't think that the destroy method should request data from server.

For me it doesn't make sense.
Do you think I'm wrong?


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    This sounds like a perfectly reasonable point to me! I've just committed a fix which will stop DataTables from doing the redundant XHR, and it can be picked up from the 'nightly' on the downloads page ( http://datatables.net/download/ ).

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    Thanks Allan!

    Nice to contribute a little bit.
    Datatables is incredibly usefull!

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