Working with a local Storage information

Working with a local Storage information

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Hi Allan,

We are considering changing the way we work with datatable.
Currently the datatable calls services which are a layer that connects to the server.
We want to add another layer of local storage that all the services will talk to.
This layer will than be responsible to communicate this to the server and when needed will update the datatable of new infromation returned from the server.
Do you have some reference example that we can use?

Many thanks,


  • WebCodexWebCodex Posts: 71Questions: 13Answers: 3

    You can use Ajax for this purpose:

  • yishayhyishayh Posts: 108Questions: 17Answers: 0

    Hi @WebCodex,

    Thanks for your reply.
    We are using ajax for that today, and on each change we call a service that (wrapped in promise) does the request to the server.
    We had a lot of issues with this paradigm (most probably beacuse of our misunderstanding of the datatable) and now we have a stable talbe :), but we still have performance issues because the server side of the requests can take a lot of time (some of the tables are not connected directly to a database table, and they are calculated on server side)
    We are intersted in changing the behavior of the tables so the user can get the latest table information for each table when he enter the page (pull requests will run in the background) and the same true for update/new/delete performed by the user.


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