Bug Report: Custom Template comes Unbound from Dom

Bug Report: Custom Template comes Unbound from Dom

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Hi All,

I am intermittently experiencing strange behavior when using a custom editor template. It seems that after I submit, there's a chance I won't be able to re-open the editor. It's as though the form became unbounded from the DOM. Sometimes, it will re-open, but the form won't submit when the submit button is clicked.

Also, and this may be a server side issue, sometimes when I submit the editor form will close automatically, other times it will not. Everytime, though, the JSON seems to come back in the proper format (interestingly, the main table also seems to reload by sending off an uncommanded ajax call).

EDIT: This only seems to happen with one of the custom templates in Edit Mode. I have 2 currently in use, and will have an additional 3.

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    Have you got a link you can give us so it can be debugged?


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