Bug in Y scrolling when using jQuery UI

Bug in Y scrolling when using jQuery UI

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I posted a comment on this earlier, but after doing more testing, I think this is a bug.

When you use these two together in IE 6 (haven't tested other IE versions yet) when the table is first initialized it is broken.

I took Allan's "Themed" Y scrolling example found here:


This way, I took all of my custom CSS declarations out of the picture.

When it first loads, the header and sort icons are missing. You can scroll down, you can change pages but the header is not visible.

However, if you click one of the column headers to sort, it magically appears and will remain visible from then on.

I have tried to trace the code, but I am not a CSS guru and I believe that is where the problem lies.

I first thought the infinite scrolling addition was breaking it, but it was not the case.

Allan, any thoughts on why this is or what is breaking this functionaility?

Thanks again!

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