Removing rows from a table based on a column value

Removing rows from a table based on a column value

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Hi there, I'm attempting to remove rows from a table based on values out of column 0 of the table. For ex. if column 0 == 3, then remove the row. Is there any way to do this, maybe using a filter? or a function within rows()?


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    One way of attempting to remove rows is to use filter() and rows().remove(). Try the below example and update as needed:

                                  var filteredData = table
                                      .filter( function ( value, index ) {
                                         return table.row(value).data()[0] == 3;  
                                      } );
                                  table.rows( filteredData )

    This gets the row indexes where column 0 == 3 and stores them in filteredData. filteredData is then used as the row selector and those rows are removed and the table redrawn. You may need to change the column number in line 5 to the name of the column depending on your config.


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    Good thinking Kevin!

    Another option is to use the row-selector option as a function:

        .rows( function ( idx, data, node ) {
            return data[0] === 3;
        } )

    Its basically the same thing, just using a little shortcut.


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    Hey guys! Just wanna point out something that had me deleting the opposite rows that I needed:

    In @kthorngren 's answer it's supposed to be

    .filter( function ( index, value) {

    I mean, it's more descriptive that way. I was using the "index" to get at my rows and what I was actually using was the value.
    Still, this is what solved my day-long problem! Thank you so much :smiley:

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