wrong format of new record from server

wrong format of new record from server

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maybe someone can help me to see what is wrong.
I have many tables were I sinert with the new button of datatables new records and it is normally really working well. But in my example I can't see what is wrong.
My table is:

        messagetypeTable = $('#messagetypeTable').DataTable( {
            dom: "Blfrtip",
            ajax: { 
                url: url,
                dataSrc: "" 
            rowId: "id",
            columns: [
                     { title: "Id",
                        data: "id"
                     { title: "Name",
                       data: "name" 
                     { title: "Format",
                       data: "format" 
                     { title: "Language",
                       data: "language" 
            buttons: [
                     { extend: "create", 
                       editor: messagetypeEditor,
                       formTitle: "Fill/choose one name field and one format field for message type"
            select: 'single',
        ordering: true,
            order: [[ 1 , 'asc' ],[ 2 , 'asc' ]],
        processing: true,
        deferRender: true,
        paging: true,
         pageLength: 100,
         lengthMenu: [ 50, 100, 200 ],
         scrollX: "100%",
         scrollY: 500
        } );

The application got back from server a data record:

[{"id":1228,"language":"english","format":"TECCOM","name":"in advanced shipping note"}]

after insert, but the editor popup is not closed and the new record not shown in the table. I know this can happen, if the response structure don't match the table structure, but I can't see at the moment the difference.
I made a debug awoyuj
Have somebody an idea what is wrong with the response?
Thanks for a hint.

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    Editor expects data back in the format described here. Specifically, the new data must be in the data parameter of the returned object.


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    This hint was exactly what I needed, it opened my eyes again, to see that I forgot in this case:

    messagetypeEditor.on('postSubmit', function( e, json, data, action ) {
           json.data = json;

    Now it is workiing as all the others. I searched so many days for that problem.
    Thank you very much!!

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