delete event trigger

delete event trigger

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hello alan,

i am looking for delete record event in datatable ..

i need to validate count of it and i need to prevent that when delete button clicks

but delete event is not working for click event...

for example

i have table-1 which as record 2

for the table-1 record with each individual record i have set dependency click event to populate with another table -2 to populate record... so i need to validate table-1 delete event to check record count of table-2 and then allow user to delete ..

please help me out to prevent click event fire in delete record



  • allanallan Posts: 60,920Questions: 1Answers: 9,929 Site admin

    Are you using Editor to delete the row, or the DataTables API? Editor has remove available, but the DataTables API doesn't trigger any delete events itself.


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