Disable Edit, or read only row

Disable Edit, or read only row

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I have the need to either disable the edit button. I have been successful with the js to select this data however it seems that the underlying scripts prevent this enable/disable from operating as expected for example via:
table.button( 1 ).enable( data === 1 );

Is there a means that I am over looking to make this function as intended? Alternatively, another option would be to mark a row as read only, is this a possibility?

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    The edit button has its own enable and disable code via the selected (source code) which will do its own enable / disable. I suspect that is what is interfering with your own.

    I'd suggest providing your own init function for your button which should add whatever event handlers you need - that will override the original, making sure that there will be no conflict.


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    edited December 2017

    Thanks for the help that was exactly the direction I needed to go. The below was successful:

    // Display the buttons
    new $.fn.dataTable.Buttons( table, [
        { extend: "create", editor: editor},
            text: 'Edit',
            init: function ( dt, node, config ) {
    ] );
      //enabledisable based on cell value
     table.on( 'select', function () {      
        var data = table.rows( { selected: true } ).data();
        data = parseInt(data[0]['work_status']['step_complete']);
        table.button( 1 ).enable( data === 1 ?
                false :
    } );
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