pb with multi_filter_select: why an alert(i) solve the problem but why

pb with multi_filter_select: why an alert(i) solve the problem but why

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I try to use multi_filter_select with server-side and i have a problem because the select button are empty. For understanding how it's working i put an alert(i); in my script (in the "/* Add a select menu for each TH element in the table footer */" section line 90) and this solve the problem. Why the alert(i) command solve the problem and how can i do it without alert(i);
Thanks for all

(function($) {
* Function: fnGetColumnData
* Purpose: Return an array of table values from a particular column.
* Returns: array string: 1d data array
* Inputs: object:oSettings - dataTable settings object. This is always the last argument past to the function
* int:iColumn - the id of the column to extract the data from
* bool:bUnique - optional - if set to false duplicated values are not filtered out
* bool:bFiltered - optional - if set to false all the table data is used (not only the filtered)
* bool:bIgnoreEmpty - optional - if set to false empty values are not filtered from the result array
* Author: Benedikt Forchhammer
$.fn.dataTableExt.oApi.fnGetColumnData = function ( oSettings, iColumn, bUnique, bFiltered, bIgnoreEmpty ) {
// check that we have a column id
if ( typeof iColumn == "undefined" ) return new Array();

// by default we only wany unique data
if ( typeof bUnique == "undefined" ) bUnique = true;

// by default we do want to only look at filtered data
if ( typeof bFiltered == "undefined" ) bFiltered = true;

// by default we do not wany to include empty values
if ( typeof bIgnoreEmpty == "undefined" ) bIgnoreEmpty = true;

// list of rows which we're going to loop through
var aiRows;

// use only filtered rows
if (bFiltered == true) aiRows = oSettings.aiDisplay;
// use all rows
else aiRows = oSettings.aiDisplayMaster; // all row numbers

// set up data array
var asResultData = new Array();

for (var i=0,c=aiRows.length; i -1) continue;

// else push the value onto the result data array
else asResultData.push(sValue);

return asResultData;

function fnCreateSelect( aData )
var r='', i, iLen=aData.length;

for ( i=0 ; i
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