Colvis dialog opening

Colvis dialog opening

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Colvis column selection dialog is opening upwards and after second click it opens normally. I did search but didn't find anything like this. I'm using colvis with big table (~50 cols and 400rows) in the same table I'm using also fixedheader, tabletools and some other jquery plugins. This problem exists in FF 4.0 and 3.6 also current Chrome.
I have struggled with this quite many days and finally today found a "solution" - if I commented out these lines:
[code]if ( iDivY + iDivHeight > iDocHeight )
{ = (iDivY-iDivHeight-$(this.dom.button).outerHeight())+"px";
everthing is working fine. I didn't do any research - just looked something to do with top parameter. When dialog was opened upwards top value was set to something like -1709px

Hope it helps someone.

Allan thanks for this amazing work !


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    Hi kaius,

    Thanks for the heads up on this one :-). I'll see if I can commit in a fix soon!

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