Select.selector and ColReorder

Select.selector and ColReorder

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Be aware that if you use select.selector and ColReorder you might get some strange behavior if you are using it in the same way as me.

In every table I have two "special" columns; the 1st with no data, which will hold eventually the child-row-button and the 2nd with will have a select-checkbox for selecting a row.

An example:

select: {
    style:      `os`,
    selector:   `td:nth-child(2)`
    {data: null, defaultContent: ``, searchable: false, orderable: false},

    {data: null, defaultContent: ``, className:`select-checkbox`, searchable: false, orderable: false},

But what if you have enabled ColReorder at the same time?

Well then is it possible to drag the 2nd column to the 1st position. The select-checkbox will appear in the 1st column, but the selecting mechanism still works only via the 2nd column. The dragging might be a little bit confusing here, because the select-check-box will now appear in the 1st column, and the child-row-button will stay also in the 1st column. This is normal behavior, but it looks strange, you change column 1 and 2, but all the content appears in the 1st one.

This happened to me by accident, and I lost more than an hour to understand what happened as I am also using "state saving". So every time when I opened my table with the dragged select-checkbox I thought that I had some error in the table definition, but I couldn't find anything, until the moment I decided to clean the local storage, and wow, everything was back to normal.

Conclusion: Everything is working as expected, but you might get confused...... Although it should be nice if the select-selector could be updated after a dragging event.

Example images.

Before dragging:

After dragging:

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