Responsive-compact mode another issue

Responsive-compact mode another issue

javismilesjavismiles Posts: 205Questions: 38Answers: 3

The responsive-compact mode has a lot of UX and styling issues, it clearly needs a lot of polishing,
I have posted about a few of them, here another one,
when in compact mode and editing a text field, you are making the input area 100% in width, which makes it overlap in a weird way with its label, this definitely needs css improvement
thank u, this is a super great and useful feature, but without some polishing it doesnt look professional at all, hopefully it can be gradually polished, thank u

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  • javismilesjavismiles Posts: 205Questions: 38Answers: 3

    I love datatables, its the best, and if you can help me with these responsive mode issues it will be wonderful, in the meantime I am putting all my tables in non-responsive mode unfortunately for myself, because the responsive mode is just too buggy..

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    Thanks for the feedback. What styling framework are you using please? A test case showing the issue would be very helpful and allow the problem to be address more quickly.


  • javismilesjavismiles Posts: 205Questions: 38Answers: 3

    Thank you Allan, Im using Bootstrap 4 and the very latest versions of everything,
    I have disabled responsive mode now because as you know from other threads there are some other issues, the classes not being copied, etc, in any case I will prepare soon a test case extracted from my web app to show u yes, thank u

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