Latest versions via npm ?

Latest versions via npm ?

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I just checked my package.json for updates. For "" there's a version "2.1.1" available, while recently it was "1.10.19" (which is still what on this home page presents).

Others like "" used to be version "1.10.19", too. Now there's a "2.1.1" and even a "3.2.2" available. And also "" as well as "" have new 2.x versions available now.

Are the 2.x (and even 3.x) previews or is that a new visioning scheme? Which one should I use (for non-beta)?


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    2.1.1 was a tagging mistake. It should be marked as deprecated and shouldn't used. That was a while back I messed that up, and thought I'd resolved it by marking all the duff ones as deprecated...


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