Page/Paging number color styles

Page/Paging number color styles

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Hi all!

I am having a very difficult time finding the .css switch/trigger for changing the page/paging background for both default and non-selected colors.

I have downloaded and reviewed (implemented) all of the example css from this example:

For the life of me, I cannot find how they were able to change the background and/or default color of the page/paging colors.

I know it must be very simple, I am just missing it! Any help would be most appreciated!!! :smile:

Thank you and Kind Regards,

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  • GraynobleGraynoble Posts: 26Questions: 7Answers: 0

    One additional note, I am using Bootstrap 4! Almost missed that.

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    Hi @Graynoble ,

    That blog post if very old, I suspect a lot has changed since then. I'm not sure what elements you're referring to. This fiddle here is a Bootstrap 4 table, could you let me know which ones you want styled?



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    Hi Colin! Thank you for the reply.


    I have a document where everything is a nice gray...and I have bright, blue page numbers surrounded by bright blue borders :)

    I want to change the page number border and also change the page number color.

    I appreciate your insight! :)


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    First thing to note is that it looks like you have loaded both the DataTables default stylesheet and the DataTables/Bootstrap one. Just load one.

    Regarding the colours - I would suggest using a Bootstrap theme. DataTables isn't defining the pagination colours there - Bootstrap is. However, if you want to just override them you could us: .page-link {
        background-color: lightgrey !important;
        border: 1px solid black;
    .page-link {
        color: black !important;


  • GraynobleGraynoble Posts: 26Questions: 7Answers: 0

    Thank you Colin for providing the fiddle and the initial analysis!

    Thank you Allan for the solution!!!

  • Jhony AldamaJhony Aldama Posts: 2Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Saludos, si les interesa les dejo como quedo cuando lo edite,css,js,output

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