Moving Search Bar on MDBootstrap table

Moving Search Bar on MDBootstrap table

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Hello, my question is very similar to this question:

However, I want to move the search bar left and right, not just up and down. How would I do this? This is my first project with HTML and CSS so I am hoping the solution is really easy and I can learn something. Thank you!


tableframe {
width: 95%;
height: 600px;
margin: 20px auto;


$(document).ready(function () { $('#table_scroll').DataTable({ "scrollY": "65vh", "paginate": false, "dom": 'fti', language: {searchPlaceholder: "Search accounts"} }); $('.dataTables_length').addClass('bs-select'); });


Some Table Here


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    Hi @catkeson ,

    By default, the search input element is already on the right.

    To move it to the left, do something like this. This thread here gives some info on that.



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