TableTools empty cells

TableTools empty cells

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First off, thanks for a freaking amazing framework. I started using DataTables and select set of extras just recently, and it's incredible how much bang you get for the buck in terms of added value to previously nonfunctional tables.

I've ironed out most kinks so far, and have a solution with FixedHeader, TableTools and some custom sorting functions (including support for live DOM sorting by hooking afnSortData).

I have a problem with TableTools that I cannot seem to get around. Essentially tables exported to PDF sometimes lack data in the cells (including headers). This mainly seems an issue with large (wide) tables and possibly in connection with tags such as input, select,img etcetera.

Is this an issue without a fix, or can I do something to sort this out? The pdf is exported in landscape mode, but other than I've not any working solution.

- Is this a known issue or have I messed something up?
- Can I do anything (without modding the .swf) to rectify this?

Exporting to .csv works, except for some issues with "live" data is not exported (or in the case of 'select' tags, all option values are exported). I believe I've read this was currently how it worked.

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