$.fn.dataTable.Editor is not a constructor

$.fn.dataTable.Editor is not a constructor

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My web app suddenly stopped working yesterday. When I try to initialize an editor object in .js, I receive the error: $.fn.dataTable.Editor is not a constructor

Two possibly related issues:
1. There is now an earlier error that I now receive when dataTables.editor.js loads: dataTables.editor.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: Math[(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)] is not a function.
2. The error did begin happening on day 15 of my free trial. I now have purchased a license, and have recopied the files over the old files. (Am I missing some license install step?) Is this related to the trial expiring? Is there something I need to do beyond the installation guide to install the newly purchased license?

This link shows the datatable working as long as I comment out all references to the Editor functionality.
This link shows the error when I try to use the Editor functions
The two demo pages are identical in all other ways.
(Both demos use fake data that should work with any items selected. If you want, you can select ATM as a profit center and 137 as the agency)

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  • SvdSinnerSvdSinner Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 1
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    Upon further review, I found the issue. The dataTables.editor.js and dataTables.editor.min.js weren't upgraded in the correct spot with the new licensed files. Once the correct files were correctly installed, the issue is resolved.

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