emptyTable message per query?

emptyTable message per query?

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I'm searching an issues table and records display correctly. My generic empty table message also works fine: No issues found.

I'd like to add a variable into the empty table message that is more descriptive of the type of search records such as: No open/closed issues found.

Based on the ajax query results, the variable is set correctly:

if(issuetype=="closed_issues") {
} else {

This works on initial load because the variable is fed when the table is created:

"language": {
    "emptyTable": "No "+issue_text+" issues were found.",
    "info": "Showing _START_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ Issues"

The next query may be looking for a different state of issue (open/closed) and while the variable reflects this correctly, the empty table does not. Can anyone help guide me as to how/if possible to modify the emptyTable language to include the new variable contents for the query?


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    Hi @kminx ,

    There's no way to do it through the API unfortunately, as those strings are locked down after the initialisation. You can modify the string element though, as in this example here.

    Hopefully that will do the trick for you,



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