Prevent Default Selections

Prevent Default Selections

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I've got inline editing enabled. When the user clicks into the row and then clicks out, it automatically updates the row with default values for every dropdown. It's set to save on exit of any TD. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


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    Not really. Inline editing is just using Editor row based editing component, but showing only a single cell as editable at a time.

    I presume you are trying to add a new row? That isn't something that Editor explicitly allows, which is why there isn't a demo of it.

    The only way to do this would be to allow an empty string to be a valid value for the other fields in the row.


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    Ah I see, yeah this is actually happening on editing only, but I ended up disabling it because we were running into too many problems with inline editing and autofill trying to work together. Thanks tho!

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