Add new info on child row that is already open.

Add new info on child row that is already open.

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I have requirement where multiple columns are clickable. So when you click on one column, nested child row is open and one table is added. When you click on another column, new table should be added leaving the previous table open. I am not able to achieve this. I have attached jsfiddle.
When i click on + icon, nested child row table is open.. When I click on salary column, another table should open underneath the nested child table , but its closing the previous table and opening only the second one .


  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 6,084Questions: 21Answers: 1,347

    I'm note sure this is what you really want but the foratTwo() function will need to build both tables. The reason is you are calling row().child().show() when clicking on the salary column. For example:

    If you just want to append the salary, for example, to the child then you can do something like this example:


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