Inline editor and server response with multiple fieldErrors

Inline editor and server response with multiple fieldErrors

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Good afternoon everybody!

Before trying to get mad doing something that may not be possible, I came where with my doubt based on this requirement:

When I change a field, entire row must be sent to the server in order to make a full row validation there.
Could I be able to:

  • If the field I have changed is the filed of the error in fieldErrors object: editor is still open, with the edited value and the error message behind
  • If the field that's giving error is not the field I have changed when I sent the information, could I open the editor there, with the error message behind?
  • If there are more than one error: could I put the error message behind each field?

Thanks in advance!

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    The issue here is that inline editing only works with one field at a time. That thus makes the assumption that the data in the table is already valid - you edit one field and all the other fields must already be valid.

    There isn't a way in Editor to have it display two inline fields at a time I'm afraid. You could send back a global error message (rather than field specific) which would be displayed, but you would have no way to edit the field that is invalid without loosing the data that you've just edited.

    If this is likely to happen with your data, you'd need to either use bubble editing showing the fields which might be in error, or use the full form editing.


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