Cannot extend unknow button type: create

Cannot extend unknow button type: create

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Dear support

My editor version is 1.4.0. I want to use 'create' button.
I have search, it is not support 'create' button on 1.4.0. How to upgrade ?



  • colincolin Posts: 4,694Questions: 0Answers: 823

    Hi @ezrachen ,

    Create/New is always a supported button - see here. I suspect you're not included the necessary JS files - if you look at the HTML and CSS tabs on that link, you'll see the files you need.

    If that doesn't work, could you link to your page please.



  • ezrachenezrachen Posts: 12Questions: 4Answers: 0

    I have searched:

    Allan said:
    That's odd - I was expecting 1.4 or earlier based on the error you are seeing. The create button was added in 1.5.0.

  • allanallan Posts: 49,501Questions: 1Answers: 7,286 Site admin

    That is correct. In Editor 1.4 the Buttons extension hadn't been written yet, so it was the (now defunct) TableTools library that was used for button display.

    To use Buttons with Editor, upgrade to at least 1.5, although I would suggest using the latest release which is always available on the Editor download page.

    Also worth being aware that the Editor 1.4 to 1.5 upgrade was a big one. Full details here.


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