Save File Dialog Opens Behind Browser

Save File Dialog Opens Behind Browser

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Hello! I am on Kubuntu 11 (Chrome) and I noticed that the flash-generated save file dialog opens behind my browser. I had a number of other windows open when I first tried the plug-in and it took me a few times to realize that my browser had not frozen. The examples exhibit similar behavior but the print option appears to work. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is it isolated to my machine?



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    Hi Sam,

    I see this behaviour also, I'm running openSuse 11.4 and Firefox 4....

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    I noticed something like this with an old version of TableTools and Safari on the Mac. It basically caused the browser to be locked out which wasn't great... However a fix when in for that a while back and I've never seen it again (actually can't rememebr what it was off the top of my head - although I remember it being very obscure - it was a change in the SWF if I recall correctly). So first thing I would suggest is to check you are running the latest version of all the TableTools components.

    Also would be worth checking you've got the latest version of Flash.

    Interesting that you are both seeing this on a Linux desktop - might suggest a bug in the Flash player for Linux.

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