How to click Child rows - automatic show whole show

How to click Child rows - automatic show whole show

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Please refer to and there is a table. Click on the green PLUS symbol. On the first line when I click, so you can see the whole information - what it contains. The problem is that when I hit the last line - when I click and then does not display all the information and I have to roll the mouse down to see the whole information. I ask, something can be programmed to do this: when I click on a green box - CHILD ROWS - it automatically recognizes it when the whole information is visible on the screen, nothing is happening. When not visible - it automatically rolls downwards to see the whole information.


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    It will heavily depend on the screen size of the user's monitor if the bottom row would show or not without scrolling.

    What you could do is use a jQuery plug-in such as scrollTo which would scroll the page to your target element (put a call to that plug-in in the row open event hander).


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