REAL Excel-file (xls)

REAL Excel-file (xls)

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Hello Allan,

I know there are a lot of questions about the pseudo-filetype XLS I've already read in the discussion board. I know it isn't a REAL excel-file.

But WHY it isn't possible to offer a real Excel-Export? I'm not quite familiar with javascript, that's why I ask a bit foolish^^

For my case and especially for my clients who are using this fantastic table it would be really really good! btw: Most of them is not clear (even with a manual) how to open it.

Regards from Berlin


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    It is possible - I've just not had time to do it yet :-). That's basically what it comes down to - it's a bit more challenging than simply outing the text file like it currently does (which was hard enough itself actually since it's UTF-16LE), but it is very much something I want to do at some point. Just a case of getting a chance to do it!

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    This sounds beautiful :-)
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