Editor Form height

Editor Form height

Ali AdnanAli Adnan Posts: 45Questions: 17Answers: 1

Hi Allan,
I have an editor have only two fields, out of that one is "Drop down", the problem which I a facing is that once I want to choose item from drop down list the items is not showing properly.

I am attaching a image so it can be easy to understand what I mean,

Is there any way to set the lightbox form height little bit more so the dropdown items will show properly ?


  • allanallan Posts: 49,501Questions: 1Answers: 7,286 Site admin

    Which select control type are you using there - it looks like Select2? If you use just the regular select it will work fine, but it looks like the relative positioning is causing the issue.

    You could use:

    div.DTED_Lightbox_Content {
      height: 90vh !important;
    div.DTE_Action_Edit {
      height: 100% !important;

    Or possibly better:

    div.DTED_Lightbox_Wrapper div.DTED_Lightbox_Container div.DTED_Lightbox_Content_Wrapper div.DTED_Lightbox_Content div.DTE div.DTE_Body_Content {
      min-height: 60vh;

    but a better solution would be to have Select2 fix itself to the body which can be done with the dropdownParent option of Select2.


  • Ali AdnanAli Adnan Posts: 45Questions: 17Answers: 1

    Thankyou very much for you reply, I am using "chosen control"

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