Ajax pagin options

Ajax pagin options

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Hello there,

We need to consume a web service and we have 3 variables for pagin options basically to make it serve the right content.

[Limit] => 50
[Offset] => 0
[Total] => 983

We want to display results from that web service directly with datatables but i do not see any example that allows to send or use these variables (limit of records, offset and total of records for pagin) in pagin options or even in the source options.

Any idea or example would be really appreciated.

Lets say script is something like db.php?limit=50&offset=50 this should be page 2 in pagin, and what i will get from server will be results from record 50-100.

I know how to pagin it with PHP, but i want to use datatables pagin options to make this work out of the box.

Thank you for your feedback.


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