Toggle row visibility

Toggle row visibility

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I have a "collapse" like function which allows me to toggle the visibility of rows in a table, and I'm trying to get it to work with datatables. I've found a filter function when hiding the rows, but it seems to remove them from the table as I can't turn them back on.

Is there a way to simply display or not display rows without removing them from the dataset? without datatables I just add a class and remove it; but I can't get datatables to adjust the display and pagination on a redraw; it just shows fewer rows.

In other words, if I'm viewing 25 rows, and I add a display:none class, I only have 15 rows on the screen. Is there a way to have datatables ignore these rows without removing them from the dataset, so that I can unhide them without reloading?


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    I think I have this working using the search plugin api. I've read so many questions about this sort of thing; is there some reason datatables can't detect TRs that are hidden by css? It should be easy to determine if a row is forced hidden. It would really make things a lot easier on so many levels.

    I'm trying to avoid making the app datatables dependent, in case I have to remove it someday for some reason.

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    Hi @BSDGuru ,

    It just hasn't been done, as it wasn't a priority and not a key requirement for most users. The code is open-source, so if you feel like a challenge, take a pop!



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    I found something under 25K that works more to my liking and that doesn't crash and burn when a <td></td> is missing. I feel like I'm battling a beast with datatables; I prefer a filtering scheme that just hides rows that dont match. Datatables takes over the page and its just too cumbersome to do things that should be simple.

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