Strange KeyTable problem when using Edge and changing focus

Strange KeyTable problem when using Edge and changing focus

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I'm having a problem with KeyTable in Edge.
Normally, if I select a cell and start typing, the value that I type is correctly entered into the cell.
However, if I focus on another application or click on the desktop, and then click a cell and start typing, the first character is lost.

You can try it on the example page:

I suspect this is more of an Edge problem than a Datatables problem, but I'm just hoping someone has an idea for some kind of workaround.


  • colincolin Posts: 15,095Questions: 1Answers: 2,581

    Hi @BingCommander ,

    I can reproduce that, thanks for letting us know. I've raised it internally (DD-970 for my reference) and we'll report back here when there's an update.



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    Any fix or workaround for this?

  • colincolin Posts: 15,095Questions: 1Answers: 2,581

    Hi @rsearle ,

    Unfortunately not for either. We're unlikely to look at in the short-term (edge case and a single browser), but we're happy to get a pull request if you're able to find a solution.



  • allanallan Posts: 61,063Questions: 1Answers: 9,956 Site admin

    I've reproduced the issue with a really simple test case here: .

    1. Load that page (click Run with JS if auto run isn't checked)
    2. Type a character (only the first one will do anything sensible). And it appears in the box.
    3. Click Run with JS again to reload
    4. Open File Explorer or something else
    5. Click back into the output panel in that test page
    6. Type a character

    Empty text box! Argh!

    I've not been able to figure out a good workaround for this unfortunately. I very much suspect that when Edge goes to Chromium it will "just work" again.

    I've just downloaded Chromium Edge for Win10 which I believe will start rolling out to customers later this year. It works as expected.

    As I don't know a workaround for this and it is an issue with an evergreen browser which is soon to be updated with a correction for the error, combined with the fact that its an edge case (switching programs required, rather than just staying in the browser when it does work), I'm not going to spend any more time looking for a workaround for this. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, then they are very welcome - if we can make the test case above work, I'll find a way to then get that into KeyTable.


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